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    Finding a place bey following directions: a pheno - 1989
    Teaching visual sociology - 1989
    Ethnomethodology as a new approach in the social
    The 'practices' of transcription in conversation - 1990
    Methodological issues and recent developments in - 1991
    The organization of talk, gaze and activity in a - 1990
    Direction-giving in Interaction - 1990
    The structure of direction-giving in interaction - 1991
    Teaching visual sociology - 1991
    Contributions of M.A. Paget: Reflections and appr - 1991
    The study of extended sequences: The garden lesso - 1992
    Phenomenology and the Human Sciences in Japan: A - 1992
    In Memory of Herbert Spiegelberg and the phenomen - 1992
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    On Phenomenology - 1977
    In Memoriam: Larry Wieder (1938-2006) - 2008
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    Directions - 1988
    Ethnicity, social class and adolescent independen - 1957

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    Title: Ethnicity, social class and adolescent independence from parental control
    Inclusive dates: 1957
    Contents: American Sociological Review
    Scope: 415-423
    (Pre-)provenance(s): George Psathas
    Old reference number: 1
    Remarks: Reprinted in: Mack, R.: Race, Class and Power, American Book Company, New York 1969; Manning, P. and Truzzi, M.:Youth and Sociology, Prentice Hall, 1972; Hill, J. and Shelton, J.: Readings in Adolescent Behavior, Prentice Hall, 1969
    Order reference number: (SAK George Psathas),
    Educatione e tradizione - 1958
    Research vs. intuition - 1960
    Phase movement and equilibrium tendencies in inte - 1960
    Research on coalitions in the triad: findings, pr - 1960
    Interaction process analysis of two psychotherapy - 1960
    Discussion in symposium on adolescence - 1960
    Alternative methods of scoring interaction proces - 1961
    What's therapeutic about therapy? Part I, What do - 1963
    Survey of psychiatrists ans psychologists in priv - 1964
    Intellective predictors of success in nursing sch - 1965
    Bargaining behavoir and orientations in coalition - 1965
    Trainer interventions and normative patterns in t - 1966
    Interaction processes in two psychotherapy groups - 1966
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