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    Application of a computer system for content anal - 1966
    A thematic analysis of interviewer's statements i - 1966

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    Title: A thematic analysis of interviewer's statements in a therapy-analogue interview
    Inclusive dates: 1966
    Contents: Stone, P.J. et al., The General Inquirer: A Computer Method of Content Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences
    Therein: M.I.T. Press
    Scope: 504-523
    (Pre-)provenance(s): George Psathas
    Old reference number: 16
    Order reference number: (SAK George Psathas),
    Test re-test reliability of the Edwards Personal - 1966
    Problems and prospects in the use of a computer s - 1966
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    The general inquirer: useful or not? - 1969
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    An introduction to the Inquirer II system of cont - 1970
    The experimental reality: the cognitive style of - 1972
    Introduction - 1973
    Essential features of face-to-face interaction - 1973
    Awards for outstanding committee service: a propo - 1974
    Ethnomethodology as a phenomenological approach i - 1976
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    Visiting Schutz - 1975
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    On multiple submissions - 1976
    When is phenomenology sociological, panel discuss - 1977
    Organizational features of direction maps - 1979
    Early Goffman and the analysis of interaction - 1980
    Approaches to the study of the world of everyday - 1980
    Strategies for obtaining compliance in medication - 1984
    Using slide-tape in teaching visual sociology - 1985
    The organization of directions in interaction - 1986
    Some sequential structures in direction-giving - 1986
    'Talk and Social Structure' and 'Studies of Work' - 1995
    Theoretical perspectives on Goffman: Critique and - 1996
    Phenomenology in Sociology in the United States - 1997
    On multiple realities and the world of film - 1998
    On Zaner's methods for becoming an ethicist - 1998
    Ethnomethodology - 1998
    Studying the organization in action: Membership c - 1999
    On the study of human action - 1999
    A conversation analysis of practices and competen - 2002
    The Path to Human Studies - 2002
    Kurt Wolff: A brief biography - 2003
    Types, typifications and membership categorizatio - 2003
    Alfred Schutz's influence on American sociologist - 2004
    The Ideal type in Weber and Schutz - 2005
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